The Finest Hours is an action packed disaster movie where a small Coast Guard team on a small boat sets out to rescue a large team of men striving to survive on a doomed oil tanker.  The Finest Hours stars Chris Pine (Bernie Webber) and Casey Affleck (Ray Sybert) and is set in 1952 and based on real world events.

The Finest Hours offers a visual treat for the viewer as most of the movie is spent watching waves and storms crashing and causing all kinds of havoc on both the men inside the oil tanker and aboard the rescue boat.  Both Pine and Affleck are soft spoken, meek men on opposite sides of the ocean who have to not only face forces of nature but doubts from just about everyone around them.

The Finest Hours is mostly action packed with bookends of a love story that feels forced and unnecessary.  Like most Disney movies the language and vibe of The Finest Hours is all family friendly.  The movie deserves praise for its spectacle above all else and a ‘pass’ for the acting and subplots.