The Science of The Expanse TV show panel held at Wondercon 2018 was meant as a reflection on the technology behind the show but since The Expanse season 3 is just around the corner (April 2018) fans in attendance, including the panel moderator Kyle Hill, were itching for any details on the upcoming season. Thankfully, everyone in attendance was treated to a couple of exclusive clips for the upcoming season.

The Science of The Expanse panel included cast members Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal) and Frankie Adams (Bobbie Draper) along with Naren Shankar (Writer/Producer) and moderator Kyle Hill (‘Because Science’ Host). The Expanse panel was held in the newly opened 200A hall which is a part of a new building added to the Anaheim Convention Center. During the panel two preview clips for The Expanse season 3 were shown including one where Holden and some of the crew were inside of a ship compartment trying to avoid tools flying around in zero gravity. The other clip featured Draper in her Martian Power Amor space suit making her way around the outer hull of the Guanshiyin (Jules-Pierre Mao’s yacht) which should pick up where things left off during The Expanse season 2 cliffhanger.

the expanse wondercon 2018

The Expanse panel at Wondercon 2018 was lighthearted with cast and crew not volunteering to divulge much in the way of spoilers to those who haven’t already read the books. During the panel, Naren Shankar remarked that The Expanse seasons 1 and 2 were building up to a great war and that is something we should expect to see panning out in The Expanse season 3. Shankar also went on to say that fans should expect to see more things from the ‘protomolecule‘ that we didn’t expect it to do and hints at consequences to those who try to turn it into something that shouldn’t be.

Cas Anvar had some humorous moments during The Expanse panel talking about how it is difficult to act in zero-g gravity because you never know what to do with your arms. Anvar also talked about how hot it is in the space suits and how they contain cooling air pumps to make the conditions inside more bearable.

One fan in attendance asked Frankie Adams what it was like playing Draper on The Expanse and she responded by saying that she enjoys playing the character because she is complicated and has many layers. A few fans in attendance during the Q&A also remarked at how Adams’ character Draper is such a ‘badass’ and are anxious to see how she further develops in The Expanse season 3.

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