The Evil Within is an upcoming survival horror game from Shinji Mikami who helped developed the original Resident Evil series.  The game features protagonist Sebastian who takes on a variety of scary enemies in the form of zombies and the super natural.  Gamers will have to pay attention to every detail as there are traps and bombs just around every corner ready to injure or kill them or be used against the monsters trying to converge upon them.

The Evil Within monsters are relentless – shooting them down doesn’t always mean they won’t return to haunt you as the safest thing to do is burn them entirely.  Bullets and matches are in short supply so keep an eye on your stash while also trying to figure out how to escape and when to fight and when to flee.

We played a couple full levels of The Evil Within and came away wanting more – the game will release on multi-platforms on Oct 21, 2014.  There was no lack of attention to detail – when Sebastian was bitten or injured his body language would show it by walking slower and as a gamer you visibly see his damaged body parts.  It’s tough to bring the scares these days in video game fashion but if there’s a title looking to do it then The Evil Within may just be the one!

The Evil Within Trailer

The Evil Within Hands-On