The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming survival horror video game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Studios the same team behind the first game which was released in 2014. Detective Sebastian Castellanos is back again in The Evil Within 2 fighting off new horrors and new villains in the follow-up game which many claimed had the best reveal trailer during E3 Expo 2017. The Evil Within 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13, 2017 (Friday the 13th) and we were impressed by what we saw so far of the game.

Bethesda recently had a preview for The Evil Within 2 in which we got about an hour of hands-on time with the game. We played a level that started out with an all-out brawl with some sort of mutant-like creature full of surprise attacks and ended inside of a mysterious house with moving walls and secrets around every corner. The mood and tone of the game are like the first one yet something seems even more creepy this time around for The Evil Within 2. Seems like the pacing of jump scares is a bit more spread out or at least for the level that we got to play in person. Something different from the first is an amalgamation of camera and photography equipment morphed into the alien monsters we faced which can be taken as either stylized or cheesy.

From what we’ve seen so far The Evil Within 2 looks impressive and should be fun to play upon release. The puzzles and challenges didn’t seem too difficult and when monsters attacked we knew better than to stand around and admire them. Like most Bethesda video games The Evil Within 2 will give you some options as for using straight-up combat or some stealth and the environment itself will sometimes yield itself to helping you in combat for gamers perspective enough to take advantage.