The Division wowed us last year during E3 2014 press conferences and presentations and in 2015 we were allowed to get our hands on the game for a closer look.  The Division falls under Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy banner and is a third person squad-based shooter.  We played the game on the Xbox One or at least held an Xbox One controller in our hands (you can never tell these days what’s behind the curtain).

For our hands-on demo of The Division our group was split into 4v4 and each player had their own character class complete with their own abilities.  Visually The Division looks pretty to watch as a trailer or demo but once you are knee-deep in a firefight all the environmental details become a bit of a distraction.  Something else that warrants concern is how there was no ‘grace period’ after being shot down and revived by a teammate — that and trying to remember to heal yourself on the D-pad once back on your feet.

If you are lucky enough to stay alive for a while then The Division offers some interesting and detailed military combat. We are hoping The Division wows us when it gets closer to release but for now there’s a few things like a lack of melee and a busy HUD that have us scratching our heads.

The Division E3 2015 Trailer