Every year like clockwork Dreamworks releases a new animated film for theaters. A video game tie-in is just as inevitable, but The Croods Prehistoric Party manages to be one of the best party games on the Nintendo Wii U yet. The Croods is quite a hefty package with 30 mini-games, a Mario Party-esque board mode, and even unlockable content. This game could keep both kids and adults entertained, even when A.I’s difficulty tends to fluctuate.

Though this game can be fun, some parts are especially tedious. Characters constantly repeat themselves to the point of insanity. Some games are left to chance, which can be alienating sometimes.  While this game is passable in its own right, it is also a testament to the lacking Wii U library. I suspect better party games will be released for the system but for now The Croods is a good way to wet your appetite.

The Croods Prehistoric Party Trailer

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