Who says Twitter is dead? We were teased from both Marvel and Square Enix on Twitter regarding a big reveal today and it came in the form of The Avengers Square Enix video game announcement. Very few details were given but from the press release it states that Marvel and Square Enix have combined their efforts on a new multi-year and multi-game licensing agreement to develop and publish original video games based on Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes The Avengers.

The Avengers video game tentatively being called ‘The Avengers Project‘ won’t be released anytime soon and more details about the game are promised to come in 2018 which seems like a lifetime away. We’ll see if Marvel caves in and gives more details about the upcoming video game at Comic-Con International or during the Disney D23 Expo.

the avengers square enix video game

The Avengers video game will be developed by Crystal Dynamics who also made the popular Tomb Raider video game series with Lara Croft in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal who produced the award-winning Deus Ex video game series. In our video we speculated maybe a fighting game in the style of Injustice Gods Among Us though likely The Avengers game will probably be an action adventure game with long term DLC plans and updates. Capcom is already working on releasing their Marvel vs Capcom Infinite game in 2017 which will handle the fight game genre for these characters.

From The Avengers Square Enix Video Game teaser trailer aka The Avengers Project Announcement Trailer the following mysterious female voice-over can be heard during The Avengers montage of broken iconic gear and equipment:

They say the time of heroes is over
That if you’re different your dangerous
But I know the truth
The world will always need heroes
They just need to reassemble

We would love to see The Avengers video game be a third person action adventure in the style of the upcoming God of War video game from Sony in which there are interactions with numerous Marvel heroes and villains. Since this video game will most likely coincide with The Avengers Infinity War movie it will most likely include Thanos as the main antagonist with the Infinity Gauntlet at his command.