Telltale Games is no greenhorn or slouch when it comes to storytelling or episodic gaming. Their games reach into different genres and mediums from TV to comics to video games. One from the video game arena is based on the Borderlands franchise entitled Tales from the Borderlands. Today we’re covering Episode 3: Catch a Ride.

In Catch a Ride, Telltale continues to ride the wave of being able to tell a compelling tale that drives the story forward, but leaves you wanting oh so much more. I will fully admit that after episode two, I was clamoring for this installment. The end of the second episode left our team in a pretty pickle and you immediately pick up to extricate yourself from the situation. The opening is a little long in the tooth, but it sets up the remainder of the episode so well. This time is spent delving further into characters’ backstories as well as developing characters going forward.

There is a little less action set pieces in episode three than previous episodes, but that is not entirely a bad thing. Though I enjoy the action sequences, having fewer of these sequences did not detract from the experience. In fact, it helped me appreciate some of the great interpersonal interactions between the characters that definitely pique my interest for the rest of the season.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride is everything you want in both a Telltale and a Borderlands game. It has the storytelling, writing and flow of Telltale’s hallmark game style and the humor and variety you expect from a game in the Borderlands universe. You can go back and read my reviews for episode one and two if you want, but I really cannot stress enough that if you like Borderlands or Telltale games, this is really a can’t miss to buy the full 5 episode arc now and just enjoy the ride.