There are a plethora of platformer games available, from the old school Super Mario Bros games to the more modern titles like Ori and the Blind Forest. Now, Frima Studios out of Canada, has released a new quirky platformer called Talent Not Included. Here we meet Zordok, Derp and Kevin who are three monsters bored with the way things are and decide to do something about it. So like all normal people, they decide to make a play. Wait what?! Yes, Talent Not Included takes you on an adventure where YOU are the primary actor in their play.

The game mechanics are familiar to many. Single-tap to jump, double-tap to double jump, one button for attack, etc. However, there is one new move that I enjoyed more than the others and that is the introduction of the “Dash” move. Literally nothing more than a lateral speed burst, it lets you efficiently take down enemies. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something I found oddly satisfying about that move. At the start of each level you are given 5 hearts to complete the scene. As you get attacked by opposing monsters and characters you lose a heart until you run out and the scene ends. During each scene you are given a shot to pickup a heart for health, so make sure you do when they show on screen. While no online play, Talent Not Included does include 2 person co-op, so you can have that additional assistance to complete a scene.

The game is divided into as you can imagine, Acts, which are divided into scenes.  There are multiple scenes within each act, with boss battles after every few scenes. Upon opening each scene, you are presented with a cylinder platform that also rises vertically as you progress through the game. To move through the scene, a yellow gear shaped icon appears after a certain amount of time. When you collect that icon, the next part of the scene rolls into place. It’s a simple, yet nice design as you feel like you really are part of a play.

The audio is the best part of Talent Not Included in my opinion. There is constant chatter and murmuring throughout the game play. Imagine sitting at a play and the person seated next to you is quietly talking to another person in the same row, its that dull unclear chatter that is heard during the game. However, like a real audience, you will hear cheers and jeers as you succeed and fail during each scene.  I’ll never confess to being great at platforming games so I definitely heard my fair share of boos as my character died in the game.  While sad, it made me strive for those rare cheers I receive after finishing a scene. One other random tidbit for you.  During the opening dialog, a website it mentioned and it’s suggested you check it out.  I concur, you will get a kick of what is there.

If you enjoy platformer games or just like quirky games with a great sense of humor, you should definitely treat yourself to Talent Not Included.