The Walking Dead Episode 2 ambles through release date limbo

An issue with certification is being sited for the delay of Telltale's The Walking Dead Episode 2. Originally slated for a late May 2012 release, Episode 2 finds its self now more than a month late with no firm date. The Telltale Games official web site offers no hints on the matter, simply listing Episode [...]

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Lollipop Chainsaw Is A Fun Romp Even With Poor Game Mechanics

Would you take my review seriously if I told you that we spent most of the night trying to unlock the achievement for looking up Juliet Starling's skirt in Lollipop Chainsaw? Yes, it's true - in fact there are plenty of achievements for things like that - it is quite a vulgar game after all! [...]

The Walking Dead Episode 1 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 1 is Telltale Games' attempt at telling a story in Robert Kirkman's popular apocalyptic zombified world, well the first part of a five part attempt anyway. Known mostly for their family friendly titles like Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and more recently Back to the Future Telltale's episodic style fits with the [...]

Meet the other ladies of Lollipop Chainsaw

We've been introduced to Swan. We've also seen some of the Bosses of Zombie Rock in action. Now say hello to Rosalind and Cordelia, sisters of main character Juliet. Both are in fierce competition for sister of the year; one pulling over watch as a sharp shooter while the other drives a death bus... I [...]

Walking Dead Pre-Order offers chance at being in the game

How would you like to be a zombie in Telltale Games' upcoming Walking Dead? A PC or Mac pre-order will enter you to win just such an opportunity. Five lucky zombiphiles will be chosen, zombified, and put into the game. One extra lucky fan will get the chance to be double killed, appearing as a [...]

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Lollipop Chainsaw – The Bosses of Zombie Rock

Finally another 'Guitar Hero' game! It's been almost twelve minutes since the last release. Oh, that's not Johnny Napalm there at the start of the trailer? Well then it must be Zed "the punk rockin' misfit" one of the Bosses of Zombie Rock! With a June 2012 release WB is ramping up the Lollipop Chainsaw [...]

AJ LoCascio, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman talk Telltale’s ‘Walking Dead’

Lead Designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin sit down with AJ LoCascio in the first episode of Playing Dead - the topic of conversation is what exactly Telltale’s upcoming game based on the Robert Kirkman comic ‘Walking Dead‘ is. The game is based on the comic rather than the AMC TV show. Taking place in [...]

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Dead Island DLC Ryder White Campaign Gameplay

Dead Island - the popular survival horror game from 2011 extends the zombie experience in 2012 with the release of the Ryder White DLC campaign.  COIN-OP TV contributor Leeroy Holmes (aka jojopetv) captured the first 15 minutes gameplay to showcase events in the game on the Xbox 360. Be sure to check out more videos [...]

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Resident Evil 6 Breaks Out Release Date

Whether you love or hate those controls, one thing is for sure, just about everyone has an opinion on the long running Resident Evil franchise.  Resident Evil is arguably the franchise that brought 'survival horror' to the forefront - Capcom announced last week that Resident Evil 6 would be coming out later this year - [...]

Flashback to Fortune City with Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

Capcom gave fans of zombies and violence a pure treat with the original Dead Rising (2006) starring Frank West as the anti-hero photographer with a hearty disposition for carnage.  The recent sequel Dead Rising 2 (2010) showcased Chuck Greene as the protagonist and ramped up the violence by allowing players to combine weapons and join [...]