• escapedeadisland

Escape Dead Island Review

Escape isn't a completely terrible game and is playable for someone looking for more in that universe until Dead Island 2.

  • walkingdead2

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 Review

Overall episode two has easily topped episode one and the series continues to build momentum towards some devastating conclusion down the road.

  • thewalkingdeass2

The Walking Dead S2 Ep1 Review

I won't spoil too much of season 1 here, but as it ended we were left with Clementine on her own. All-in-all the first episode is very solid and feels like the studio is picking up right where the last season left off.

  • howtosurvivie-outside

How to Survive Hands-On Impressions E3 Expo

How to Survive is a third person isometric zombie action game developed by EKO Software and published by 505 games. Though it looks like just another clone in a glutton of post-apocalyptic zombie killers, How to Survive is fun in spite of itself. Going hands-on with the game, I noticed there are really two halves [...]

  • dyinglight

Dying Light Hands-On Impressions E3 Expo

Dying Light is a first-person action game that mixes weapons, zombies and parkour into a delicious concoction that is surprisingly refreshing for a subject matter (zombie apocalypse) that feels so stale. Techland wanted to create a game that was not just about fighting the undead. In Dying Light, it’s obviously not just all about smashing [...]

  • residentevilrevelations

Resident Evil Revelations HD Review & Gameplay

The Resident Evil as a franchise has mutated as much as the bio-weapons you face in it with each new iteration. Starting as a survival horror series, it has slowly become more action-oriented. While there has been an outcry from people who wish for the series to go back to its horror roots, it seems [...]

  • deadspace3

Dead Space 3 – Review

You’re walking down a dimly lit hallway. The lights flicker on and off in a pattern that seems controlled, yet is completely random. The whirr of a machine in some back room sets the baseline for the sounds you call “normal” in your head. “Everything is fine, it’s all normal” you keep telling yourself as [...]

  • walkingdeadep3

The Walking Dead Ep 5 RECAP (Spoilers)

Episode 5 "No Time Left" brings Telltale Games' Walking Dead Season One to its tragic end. Following tradition Telltale has put together some spoiler heavy statistics on the game tracked player decisions. Everything you've been through over the previous four episodes comes to a head in episode 5. The "choose your own adventure" nature of [...]

  • walkingdeadep3

The Walking Dead Episode 5 – (Non-Spoiler) Review

The Walking Dead Episode 5 is the finale of Telltale Games' amazing zombie point-and-click adventure. Episode 5 is aptly sub-titled "No Time Left" as it's the shortest and most action oriented episode of the series, a sprint to the finish. Episode 5 is a shock the player's system. It breaks from the established pattern of [...]

  • zombiu

ZombiU – Review

Zombies have become a groan inducing fixture within culture today. The only thing comparable to the plethora of brainless zombie video games is the very horde themselves. While the odds are stacked against it, it seems ZombiU (a Nintendo Wii U exclusive from Ubisoft) has managed to be quite the unique experience. As a veteran [...]

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