Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad – Review

With super easy pick up and play controls and very user friendly non-punishing arcade style, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad is overall, an enjoyable experience. The tracks are well constructed with nice graphical quality leaving little room for confusion as to where to go. It might seem like an odd statement but if you've ever played a [...]

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Walking Dead Ep 2 Preview & Ep 1 Decision Regrets

Walking Dead Episode 2 is finally upon us. Released June 27 2012 Episode 2 continues the five episode TellTale story of Lee Everett. A convicted killer and college professor Lee has taken on the task of seeing Clementine, a young girl he met along his way, through the end of the world. More zombies and [...]

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The Walking Dead Episode 2 ambles through release date limbo

An issue with certification is being sited for the delay of Telltale's The Walking Dead Episode 2. Originally slated for a late May 2012 release, Episode 2 finds its self now more than a month late with no firm date. The Telltale Games official web site offers no hints on the matter, simply listing Episode [...]

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Even MORE Gotham City Impostors DLC coming soon

Dear WB Games/DC Comics/Monolith, We appreciate your having read our previous communiques and partially taking our well thought-out and overwhelmingly correct advice. We hoped greatly that you were turning over a new leaf by forcing your community of players to pay for recently announced Gotham City Impostors DLC. Unfortunately is has come to our attention [...]

Awesomenauts – Review

Ronimo has crafted a funny, fantastical, cartoonish multiplayer battle arena. And they've titled it Awesomenauts. Apparently drawing inspiration from the glory days of Saturday morning cartoons the playable characters, or Awesomenauts, are some crazy folks; featuring a French assassin lizard, a brain in a jar, a space cowboy (I call him Maurice), and a jet [...]

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The Walking Dead Episode 1 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 1 is Telltale Games' attempt at telling a story in Robert Kirkman's popular apocalyptic zombified world, well the first part of a five part attempt anyway. Known mostly for their family friendly titles like Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and more recently Back to the Future Telltale's episodic style fits with the [...]

Bloodforge – Review

Slip your head into the antlered skull helm of stab-happy warrior Crom as he carves a swath of blood across the land. While there is no forging, or forgery for that matter, Bloodforge does offer buckets and buckets of blood in a revenge fueled hack and slash adventure. If you're looking for a deep narrative, [...]

More FREE Gotham City Impostors DLC incoming

Gotham City Impostors is beginning to seem less like a game for people to buy and more like a digital investment. The upcoming, and as yet undated, Warner Bros. freebie will include a new map a new game type and some new character voice options. Bounty Hunter is a team death match style game that [...]

Trials Evolution – Review

Trials Evolution is a physics-based action sports racing game that combines the addictive nature of early Tony Hawk Pro-Skater titles with the adrenaline-fueled exploits of motorsports and X Games legend Travis Pastrana. Trials Evolution isn’t the game that players deserve, but the one we need right now to cleanse our palette of the mediocrity that [...]

The Splatters – Review

I know many gamers don’t get The Splatters until after their third Doritos Locos Taco, but thankfully the new XBLA downloadable title of the same name is much more fun… and much less messy. Developed by SpikySnail Games, The Splatters is a new action puzzle title that lets players fling the aptly named amiable blobs [...]

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