Microsoft Press Conference Recap E3 Expo 2013

The Microsoft Press Conference started off with a bang in Konami's new trailer and gameplay for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.  It was the first time we got to see the open world gameplay in a desert setting with many characters filling in the ranks -- also Snake rides a horse!  Unfortunately we [...]

What Games Should We See At E3 Expo 2013

E3 Expo 2013 is just around the corner with big announcements coming from both Microsoft and Sony on their new consoles (Xbox One & Playstation 4). We expect there to be big announcements and reveals for upcoming games for the fall and nex-gen stuff in 2014. The COIN-OP TV team will be getting their hands on as much stuff as we can - here's a quick vlog talking about some of the games to check out and asking for YOUR opinion on what we should see during the expo.

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No Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2013

Nintendo announced they won't have a press conference this year at the E3 Expo for 2013 but still plan to showcase games inside the exhibit hall.  What does this say about Nintendo as a brand?  As of now most are looking at this as Nintendo's attempt to abandon the Wii U hype but Nintendo has [...]

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Hot Video Games April 2013

April looks to be another busy month for video games released highlighted by Injustice Gods Among Us, ShootMania Storm and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen. For a list of video games coming out in April be sure to check out the video below!

Does Multiplayer Make a Video Game?

Do video games need multiplayer or not?  Some do - like Halo and Call of Duty but some don't like Dishonored and Batman.  Some games like Uncharted and Mass Effect started off as single-player then added multiplayer while some games are multiplayer only like Starhawk.  Here's me chiming in on the discussion of single-player gaming [...]

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Lost Planet 3 Hands-On Impressions

We had a chance to get some hands-on time with Capcom's Lost Planet 3 a prequel starring scruffy hero Jim Peyton.  From what we saw early on - the game is very stylized, slow paced and is a mix between third person shooter and rig/mech combat and navigation. Lost Planet 3 is much like watching [...]

Will the PS Vita change my life?

The PlayStation Vita is out now - Sony's newest portable device that offers something for both casual and hardcore gamers.  We'll have plenty of Vita game reviews on the website but for now check out this interview with John Koller from Sony PlayStation Entertainment explaining all the features the device has to offer.

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice in the Kinect game Time to Shine

Miranda Cosgrove may be the current 'top dog' on Nickelodeon with her hit TV  show iCarly but it is up-and-coming starlet Victoria Justice who's getting the nex-gen treatment with her very own Kinect game called 'Victorious: Time to Shine'.  Time to Shine will be out for the 2011 holiday season and features character likenesses and [...]

RAGE Video Review

RAGE from iD Software is out now and COIN-OP TV has been following the game from the start with features and an interview with Matt Hooper from PAX 2010.  Bethesda has high expectations for this one as their launch party last week showcased a generous amount of celebrity talent and production value.  We're happy to [...]

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