BioShock Infinite re-confirms Feb 2013 release date

In a new trailer Irrational Games and 2K Games reveal the awesome "Ultimate Songbird Edition" of BioShock Infinite. More importantly they reaffirm their Feb. 26 2013 release date. With the news of BioShock Infinite staff leaving came rumors of cut content and further release delays. We can rest assured that our BioShock will be on [...]

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Twisted Metal PS3 – Impressions & Gameplay

Seems like we waited a long time for Twisted Metal to come out on the PlayStation 3 but it was worth the wait.  The game is fast, fun and makes an impact right out of the gate.  We've only had the game in our hands for a short time but so far have witness enough [...]

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Complete Achievement List with Gameplay Video

This list seems to be asking a question: "You mad bro?" This has to be the most trolltastic achievement list in the entire Xbox 360 catalog. Here's to hoping you don't like a gamerscore divisible by five. Budding Hunter (30) – Defeated an army’s worth of enemies Choco-boco-holic (14) – Spent a fortune at shops [...]

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Hailey Bright guest on Facebook TV News

Hailey Bright, host of COIN-OP TV, was a guest on a special Emmy episode of Facebook TV News with XiXi Yang. Host XiXi covered Hailey's career as a video game journalist, model and what to expect from her upcoming show 'Supremium'. The host also grilled her about working around celebrities and found out some of [...]

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