Old School Video Game Art Show at Gallery 1988

COIN-OP TV interviews artists at the 'Old School Video Game Show' opening night at Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA. Interviews with the gallery owner Jensen Karp and artists Joey Spiotto, Misha, N.C. Winters, and Ellen Schinderman. Find out what retro video games inspired their art piece and on their creative style. Gallery 1988 - http://nineteeneightyeight.com

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Star Wars: The Old Republic new ‘class trailer’

We've been on the Star Wars: The Old Republic beat for years it seems with our last interview from PAX 2010 with Cory Butler a Producer on the game.  The game was playable recently at Comic-Con International and now SWTOR fans can witness the latest video trailer featuring a Jedi Consular update with their classes. [...]

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Long Beach Comic Con impressions

For those of us living in Los Angeles, we are lucky enough to have an event or convention just about every couple of weeks.  If you are a fan of comic books or the hobby of collecting then your options are wide open.  There's a monthly comic book convention held at the Shrine Auditorium and [...]

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