Best Games of 2013

2013 will most likely be best known for the year that the 'big two' released new consoles in the PlayStation 4 (Sony) and Xbox One (Microsoft) but many excellent games captivated us year round and here's why!

Splinter Cell Blacklist Review and Gameplay

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s stealth-action series. I would say this iteration actually transcends the normal expectations, delivering alternate methods of gameplay to the user normally saved as an afterthought of “well…yeah, you could play it that way, but…” Developed at Ubisoft Toronto, the player is encouraged to seek [...]

Hot Video Games Aug 2013

After a bit of a dry spell in July we are back with some high profiled video game releases coming down the pipeline in Aug 2013.  Nintendo has a couple of big ones in Pikmin 3 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team but high sales will probably be won by Disney Infinity the first game [...]

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Collector’s Edition – Preview

It seems games this generation just keep trying to one-up each other with outrageous special editions. The movement seems to have started with the Halo 3 special edition that came with a replica Master Chief helmet and has grown each year with Activision putting out bigger and bigger special editions of Call of Duty coming [...]

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