Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Review

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is a solid upgrade on the original release, and offers a good chance to grab a game and all of its DLC to players who skipped it back in 2012.

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Sleeping Dogs – Review

John Woo delivered one of the most exciting Hong Kong action films of all time with The Killer (1989) and then again with Hard Boiled a couple of years later.  For those of us who appreciate well-crafted Asian Cinema - we had a bit of a 'golden era' of films that kicked off with John [...]

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Sleeping Dogs Exclusive Preview with Developers

Square Enix has made some bold moves over the years but soon they may be known as the only company BOLD enough to release franchise-level games in the summer.  Last year they released Deus Ex Human Revolution in August and this year we'll see Sleeping Dogs released some time in the summer. Sleeping Dogs (formally [...]