Skylanders Swap Force Wash Buckler & Blast Zone

Skylanders Swap Force is out now and we'll be rolling out continuous coverage throughout the year on the game and its figures.  Our series of Skylanders 101 is a good way to see the powers and abilities of each figure so you can help figure out which figures may fit best for your game playing [...]

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Skylanders Giants – Granite Crusher

Skylanders Giants 'Granite Crusher' is one of those variant figures (Target Exclusive) that actually looks different in the game as well as the toy/figure itself.  What makes Crusher fun to play - he's an earth element giant, has a huge hammer and is voiced by actor Kevin Sorbo (of Hercules fame).  Here's some tips on [...]

Punch Pop Fizz Review & Gameplay

Probably one of the most popular of the new Skylanders Giants characters is Pop Fizz and you can get him in three different versions - there's regular (blue) Pop Fizz which comes in a single and three-pack, the (red) Punch Pop Fizz comes in the Nintendo 3DS bundle and soon to be released Lightcore Pop [...]