Wolfenstein The New Order Hands-On

Wolfenstein The New Order will appeal to both newcomers to the franchise and old war veterans. Ultimately the new game will probably be known for its guns and being able to hold two at once but we found the melee combat quite satisfying as well.

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Rekoil Hands-On Preview

Rekoil is an upcoming first person multiplayer shooter coming to PC and XBLA in the near future developed by Jason Brice and his team.  We had a chance to sit down with the game in a private demo - while still a work-in-progress we were able to get a sense of where Rekoil is heading. [...]

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Takedown Red Sabre Review

Takedown: Red Sabre is a tactical shooter developed by Serellan, published by 505 Games, and proof that the universe has a way of balancing itself out. While a game like Payday 2 felt a bit unpolished at certain points, Takedown: Red Sabre plays like a frustrating alpha build of a student project.  Now I love… [...]

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Alien Rage Review

Nostalgia is all about perspective. Alien Rage is a first person shooter developed by City Interactive Games, the team behind the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. Players are tasked with defending a remote mining facility on an asteroid from opposing alien forces that are after promethium, the once plentiful energy source that could power or destroy [...]

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