Shank 2 – Review

What do you do when someone calls you a clown? If you're ex-mob hitman Shank you cut off his hand with a machete. Thus goes the opening cinematic of Shank 2. This one is definitely not safe for the kids, or anyone for that matter. On second thought, if the national media has taught us [...]

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Shank 2 Leaps into Action in February

One of the most memorable brawler franchises of the past few years returns as Shank 2 slashes its way onto PSN, PC, and XBLA this February. An over-the-top 2D beat-em-up from EA and Klei Entertainment in the vein of Robert Rodriguez’s mexploitation flick Machete with more guns, chainsaws, and explosives than Danny Trejo could possibly [...]

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