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Hot Video Games June 2013

June is the month for the E3 Expo but there will also be some games sneaking out under the radar -- or just above the radar depending on how you look at it. Remember Me comes out this week and we already have the review for that available here (Remember Me review) - other highlights include The Last Of Us which has seen buzz since day one and Deadpool featuring everyone's favorite 'merc with a mouth'. Other notables for June 2013 include the Skyrim Legendary Edition and Company of Heroes 2.

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Remember Me Review & Gameplay

Remember Me is a game that should not be forgotten, but probably will be. Don’t read that statement as a knock against the quality, because it isn’t. Remember Me is a game that has been ever so slightly pushed by Capcom over the past year and a game that most of the general gaming public [...]

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Remember Me Preview at Wondercon

Remember Me is a new video game coming from Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom featuring a female protagonist called Nilin who can read/process memories in addition to taking down baddies with her fists.  Remember Me feels like a video game version of Total Recall and/or Minority Report mixed with video game action like a Devil May [...]


Capcom’s Remember Me – Preview

Can't think of any Capcom titles that appeared on anyone's 'Best of 2012' video game list but Remember Me seems likely to be their 'break-out' contender for 2013.  Remember Me looks like a cross between Matrix and Blade Runner with a female protagonist called Nilin who is a 'memory hunter'.  The latest trailer opens up [...]

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