• dmc4boss

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is a solid package for people who loved the 2008 release exactly as it was, but wanted a bit sharper image and higher framerate.

  • alienisolation

Alien Isolation Review

Alien Isolation is a solid game with a few issues that might keep all but true hardcore survival horror fans from enjoying it to its fullest.

  • destiny

Destiny Review

On the positive side the game handles great, looks gorgeous and sounds fantastic, but when you dig in you're starting to see that it looks like maybe things began to get cut as deadlines neared.

  • walkingdead2

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 Review

Overall episode two has easily topped episode one and the series continues to build momentum towards some devastating conclusion down the road.


Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Review

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers is something else. When first jumping into the game I went in with little knowledge as to what I was getting myself into, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Featuring heavy anime tones and beats paired with a solid fighting system, the game is a decent foray into the world [...]

  • cod-ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts Current Vs Next Gen Comparison

The Call of Duty series hasn't always been known as a technical showpiece on consoles but it has hit the magical 60 frames per second number that fuels its hectic fast-paced gameplay very well, so when changing generations people began to wonder where the series could go with a bit more power to use. Call [...]

  • beyondtwosouls

Beyond Two Souls Preview

Developer Quantic Dream and their outspoken head David Cage have been working long and hard since the release of their "outside the box" detective-style QTE-laced game Heavy Rain on a brand new adventure that shares a bit of the same design philosophy. Beyond: Two Souls is the culmination of a few years of hard work [...]


Star Trek Video Game – Review

J.J. Abrams reinvigorated the Star Trek movie franchise in 2009 with his updated take on the classic sci-fi saga, and with a sequel coming in a few weeks the question then became if the same could be done for the video game version. The answer is an astounding…”meh.” The Star Trek game features decent acting, [...]

  • fueloverdose

Fuel Overdose – Review

Overall the game is not for everyone. If you enjoy games like Mario Kart, car combat like Vigilante 8, and don't mind a fixed camera and top-down view this game should be enjoyable as long as you don't put too much stock in the story itself or over-anime'd characters. At its core Fuel Overdose is a competent battle-racer but comes up a bit short on overall fun value and the ability to retain your attention longer than a few races at a time; feel free to check out the videos of the game on COIN-OP.TV and make your own call!