Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone is a weird game. I guess you could say this about a lot of Japanese games if you are looking from a Western perspective. This isn't to say the game is bad, quite the contrary, but the entire game as a whole is something I’m not sure you’d see from any Western [...]

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Thundercats Nintendo DS – Review

The Thundercats cartoon has been looking to reinvent themselves for a new generation.  With a younger Lion-o and a reworked story, this side-scroller is definitely destined for many a child's stocking this year. Snarf! Going around punching bad guys is always satisfying; too bad that's all Thundercats ever amounts to. The first 5 minutes of [...]

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Okamiden for the Nintendo DS

Okamiden for the Nintendo DS preview and interview with Eric Monacelli from Capcom talking about the game. This time around Robert Welkner from COIN-OP TV talks Okami from 2006 on the PlayStation 2 and gives his impression of the sequel Okamiden while Hailey Bright is on location for a one-on-one interview with the Capcom team.

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Intellivision Lives community event celebrates DS release

Intellivision Lives! celebrated their Nintendo DS collection release with a community event and party at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach.   The Intellivision legacy has been mostly championed by President Keith Robinson who has found clever ways to get the brand and marketing into the hands of fans of both the old school reverence and [...]

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