Dark Souls aims to breathe fire at Skyrim

Video gamers have seen bullets fly all year long in 2011 between  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision) and Battlefield 3 (Electronic Arts).  Both MW3 and BF3 promise an exciting first person shooter with graphics and sound worthy of a summer blockbuster movie.  The FPS shooter battle will continue on throughout the year as [...]

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HALO: REACH Beta Impressions

Since the end of development on Halo 3: ODST (July 2009), Bungie Software has been building up a new Halo game that looks to rule them all. Gathering developers from FASA Interactive who worked on Shadowrun and originating Bungie employees, a new kind of gameplay has arrived creating a new face to the Halo franchise. [...]

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Modern Warfare 2 trailer revealed during NBA playoffs

Just in time for Memorial Day, Activision and Infinity Ward honored gamers by premiering the Modern Warfare 2 trailer during the NBA playoffs on TNT.  Fans were disappointed when the trailer was cut short by TNT but we have the complete trailer below for your viewing pleasure in its full two minute glory. The game [...]

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