The Sims 4 Officially Announced

Very little information about the new game has been released yet but one of the EA PR reps Charlie Sinhaseni (who also worked on the SimCity release) tweeted that The Sims 4 will be offline. Some popular YouTubers who cover The Sims franchise had a chance to get the head's up early on the game via a private conference call - you can see/hear their reactions here (The Quxxn) and here (iPodZeke1).

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SimCity – Review

Like many other people, SimCity is a part of my formation as a gamer. There is approximately a year of my life in high school where I was engrossed in either the original SimCity or Civilization. Thinking of the original SimCity gives me such nostalgia of zoning areas, building roads and the constant balancing act between implementing pro-actively the beautiful plan in your head and responding re-actively to the many events occurring in the game. This new version of SimCity recreates all those feelings again and expands it into a beautiful, modern, city management simulation.

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