Marvel Vs Capcom Origins – Review & Gameplay

Marvel Vs Capcom Origins (Capcom) is available now - a throwback to the classic days of the golden age of fighting games -- or are we in the golden age right now?  Either way - you'll want to visit or revisit this collection if you love fighting games and/or these characters. Marvel Vs Capcom Origins [...]

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Asura’s Wrath DLC – Ryu & Akuma Gameplay

For only a couple of bux you can download and play these 'lost episodes' in the Asura's Wrath video game.  We praised this Cyberconnect2 & Capcom game for its visual style and anime flavor in our review for Asura's Wrath.  This time around gamers can take on Ryu and Akuma from the Street Fighter universe [...]

Phantom Breaker Review Gameplay

Phantom Breaker is an upcoming 2D fighting game coming out in June 2012 from 7Sixty.  Breaker features 14 characters all with their distinct moves and specials.  While Phantom Breaker doesn't have as much alluring charm as a Skullgirls or BlazBlue it does offer something for those interested in playing a 2D fighter full of great [...]

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Asura’s Wrath – Review & Gameplay

If words like UNLEASH, DEMONS, BATTLE, GODS and DRAMA are buzz words when picking out a new video game to purchase then Asura's Wrath has you covered!  What you may not know is that this game is a cinematic treat - Asura's Wrath could easily flip itself over from video game with great animated cut [...]