Lost Planet 3 Review

Lost Planet started off as a survival series set in the harsh frozen tundra of E.D.N III. It's sequel, Lost Planet 2, changed that almost entirely with multiplayer gameplay in an almost tropical paradise. Strangely enough this series has switched direction again, going back to colder temperatures in this prequel. For Lost Planet 3, The [...]

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Lost Planet 3 Impressions E3 Expo

Lost Planet from Capcom is a series that has been either too hot or too cold for most players, but Lost Planet 3 is set to find a good middle ground, as a prequel no less. You play as a grizzled older protagonist named Jim Peyton, a NEVEC miner that would rather be at home [...]

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Threemazing E3 Threequel Trailers

The hottest trailers for the hottest games! This is what E3 is about kids. A commonality among these three E3 trailers allows us to put together (or threegether) an awesome grab bag of mechs, an assassin with system of beliefs, glowing alien bugs, tomahawking, and crazy crazy jungle boobs. I might be in the minority [...]

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Lost Planet 3 Hands-On Impressions

We had a chance to get some hands-on time with Capcom's Lost Planet 3 a prequel starring scruffy hero Jim Peyton.  From what we saw early on - the game is very stylized, slow paced and is a mix between third person shooter and rig/mech combat and navigation. Lost Planet 3 is much like watching [...]