Xbox One Games at Comic-Con

Good news - the San Diego Comic-Con happening this week will feature some upcoming Microsoft Xbox One games for the public to play.  According to Major Nelson (a Microsoft rep) the following companies and games will be participating in the Microsoft booth and off-site lounge:  Dead Rising 3, Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo 4 Champions [...]

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Top Hand Rodeo Tour – Review & Gameplay

Top Hand Rodeo Tour is all about effort. You can immediately tell that SFC Rodeo Games really put in a solid effort into making a Kinect game that put you in the saddle and allow you to experience what it’s really like to take the reins to earn the title “Top Hand.” There are five [...]

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth – Review & Gameplay

Avengers Assemble! In Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth you take control of the superheroes and supervillians of the Marvel Universe to defend the Earth from the Skrulls - an alien race bent on destroying our home.  At its core, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is a fighting game that utilizes the Kinect to capture your [...]

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Dragon Ball Z For Kinect – Review & Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z is back again in its most physical iteration in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect from Namco Bandai. It was a blast punching and kicking through the most memorable moments of Goku's adventures, but could the legendary Super Saiyan beat his most legendary opponent yet: the Kinect detection sensor? Everything you remember from [...]

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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor – Review

I am sure you have heard the phrase “War is hell.” In Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, I imagine the developers wanted us to experience firsthand just how loud, chaotic and intense life can be on the battlefield – and with the Kinect – also just how sensitive. In Steel Battalion, developer From Software attempt to [...]

Skyrim gets more vocal with Kinect

Finally! We can scream Fus Ro Dah at our televisions and expect something to happen. Adding a "sort by" voice command to the inventory management system is a great idea and looks to streamline the whole thing by removing several button presses. The map navigation looks really cool too. What's even cooler is the combat [...]

Mass Effect 3 Demo – Say Hello Kinect

In summary -- loved Mass Effect 2 - wasn't big on Mass Effect 1 and am extremely anxious to play Mass Effect 3.  For half a year I was torn between one HUGE decision.  I played Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 because I wanted to get a complete version all on one disc [...]

Halo CEA Celebrates 10 Years of Master Chief

Halo Combat Evolved is probably the single game that made the original Xbox from Microsoft a stable and popular gaming device.  Halo was one of the earliest console games to have fluid multiplayer function with both local and system-link.  Gamers of all ages spent hours and hours over the weekends challenging their friends to matches [...]

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Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice in the Kinect game Time to Shine

Miranda Cosgrove may be the current 'top dog' on Nickelodeon with her hit TV  show iCarly but it is up-and-coming starlet Victoria Justice who's getting the nex-gen treatment with her very own Kinect game called 'Victorious: Time to Shine'.  Time to Shine will be out for the 2011 holiday season and features character likenesses and [...]

Rise of the Nightmares for Kinect Preview

Still scratching your head around the idea that your Kinect system from Microsoft is only good for one or two games?  Sega may have an answer for you in the form of Rise of the Nightmares.  This brutal and bloody horror/thriller game puts you the player inside the game and controls - like you were [...]

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