Get Minted Brings Back Casino and Pop Culture Games

Get Minted features two options for players to choose from as far as online casinos go. You can choose to download the software to your computer, allowing you to have access to the games at any time, or play their instant casino via the web.

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The Wolf Among Us Ep 1 Review

Telltale Games always had some fun point and click style adventure games, but it wasn't until last year's The Walking Dead that the studio really hit it big. Telltale's take on the graphic novel-turned TV show surprised everyone and mopped up game of the year nominations and wins and was widely considered one of the [...]

Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions

Battlefield 3 was an interesting game. DICE decided to take 3 in a different direction from the series' previous entries and because of that the game ended up having some issues (but selling extraordinarily well). I stopped playing Battlefield 3 because of my dislike of the heavier controls and much longer time to kill than [...]

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