What are the Best iOS Games of 2016 so far?

With this in mind, rating these games and attempting to pick your favourites can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming activity. You therefore need to use some of the available resources at your disposal, with websites such as Metacritic ranking iOS games based on user reviews and feedback.

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Spaceteam IndieCade Preview

Intergalactic travel is anything but easy in Spaceteam. Steering the ship is taken care of by the A.I so up to eight people can attempt to keep it from being destroyed by a supernova, along with other dangers from the final frontier. Threats like asteroids and wormholes are accompanied by your controls falling apart, oozing [...]

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Disney Animated Review

The fine folks over at Disney invited us over to their studio to check out their newly announced and newly released iPad App called Disney Animated.  Disney Animated is a collaboration between Disney Interactive with Touch Press and the Walt Disney Animated Studios.  We were treated to an extensive presentation where Mark Walker (SVP Disney [...]

ACTIVATE Now Available on Skylanders iOS Games

Activision announced their 'Activiate' feature months ago which would allow for people to 'become friends' and play with one-another on their mobile games like Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Skylanders Lost Islands. This week their iOS game Skylanders Lost Islands received an update which now features 'Activate' -- what does this mean? It means that Skylanders fans around the world can now link up and play games together on their iOS devices -- a first for this high-selling franchise.

Nano Ninjas iOS – Review

Nano Ninjas iOS is sort of like Plants Vs Zombies with Ninjas facing Robot Samurai - it's a tower defense game that looks similar but lacks most of the charm. Nano Ninjas lets you stack your ninja warriors up against the left side of the screen where they fling Shurikens and other weapons at oncoming robot samurai [...]

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Skylanders Cloud Patrol – Free iOS Promotion

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a clever and fun iOS game which 'extends' the Skylanders universe.  The premise of the game is rather simple - tap or swipe away to destroy those pesky trolls (as seen in the Skylanders console game).  If you own any Skylanders figures you can punch in the code to unlock and [...]

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Top Five iPhone Game Apps

For years I was hung up on my Blackberry as the primary smart phone but with the release of the iPhone 4S I've jumped ship and therefore had to explore fun games and apps on the iOS.  Ranging from casual games to poker games to an epic RPG, these game apps all take advantage of [...]

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