Edge of Nowhere Preview

Edge of Nowhere is a VR adventure coming soon (June 2016) from Insomniac Games.  At a recent Insomniac Games presentation Ted Price, CEO & Founder explained how his team embraced the challenge to make a third person VR game when most of them are first person.  Brian Allgeier, Creative Director, Edge of Nowhere talked about [...]

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Fuse Review & Gameplay

Fuse stars a new elite team of mercs known as 'Overwatch 9' who all have their own brand of strengths and abilities. Izzy was our favorite to use in the game but Dalton, Naya and Jacob each have their own charm. If you are playing the campaign solo you can 'leap' from one character to the next on the fly at any time to test our their special weapons and skills. Dalton has a shield as a special weapon so be sure to stick close by him if you are using any of the other three characters.

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Insomniac shows off Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One at Community Day

Insomniac held their 2011 community day by taking over the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA this week.  There were about 400 fans and media in attendance and it was the first time this historic movie theater showcased video game footage. Resistance 3 took the main stage with two presentations.  First was a walk-through of the [...]

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