Skylanders Day returns to GameStop

Last year GameStop held a promotion day for Skylanders in which the stores gave out posters, discounts and free figures.  Skylanders Day returns again on Saturday Jan 11, 2014 to help celebrate post holidays and the latest game in the franchise Skylanders Swap Force.  The first 25 fans will receive a complimentary Skylanders poster - [...]

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Royal Double Trouble Skylanders Collecting

Skylanders Battlegrounds is an iOS game for mobile based on the hugely popular Skylanders franchise.  A starter kit for Battlegrounds includes three figures, a treasure chest and wireless bluetooth 'Portal of Power' that interfaces the toys into the game.  GameStop is currently carrying an 'exclusive' starter kit which includes a series 1 repainted Royal Double [...]

Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge

There is a hard and fast rule that I as a games writer live by: Take and play every game offered. Cabela's Scat Safari? Yes please! Unfortunately in the case of Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge the rule has broken down, because sniper challenge isn't a game. It's only a mechanism. A mechanism like an automated [...]

Mass Effect 3 Interviews Casey Hudson & Mac Walters

Robert Welkner of COIN-OP TV interviews BioWare developers at the Mass Effect 3 West LA Gamestop midnight launch event. Find out directly from the development team Casey Hudson and Mac Walters what goes on into making the game and how they implemented social media and apps into Mass Effect 3. Also - special shout out [...]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Pre-Order Confusion

This week marks the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 from Activision.  Ultimate Alliance 2 is an action RPG with a top down perspective in the vein of Diablo, Baldur's gate, and X-Men Legends.  It is available on every platform known to man except the PC. Unfortunately, much like the 'Civil War' portrayed in the [...]

Nintendo DSi midnight launch at Universal Citywalk

The Nintendo DSi promises to usher in a new era of personalization and sharing so we at COIN-OP TV were curious to see what exciting things were planned for the midnight launch at the Citywalk Gamestop.  Much like midnight launches in the past, Citywalk had a stage with G4tv 'Attack of the Show' host Kevin [...]

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