Spec Ops The Line – Review & Gameplay

Spec Ops The Line has seen its fair share of advertisement, banners and hype - often making me wonder if less money should have been spent on advertising and more on game development.   Spec Ops The Line is a military third person shooter set in Dubai with plenty of fast-paced 'in your face' action.  [...]

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Syndicate – Review

The 'mega-corps' have taken over. World citizens no longer swear allegiance to sovereign nations, opting instead to take the next step in "brand loyalty" having sophisticated micro chips implanted in their brains. A new world of connectivity and consumerism is open to those who would align themselves with one of these corporate syndicates, but with [...]

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Ode to Nexuiz in Review

Oh Nexuiz, you rascally little unpronounceable FPS you. You may have some of these gamers fooled, but I know better. I know we’ve met before, years ago in a dimly lit DeVry classroom where my geek buddies were trading downloaded games like spinach dip recipes. These new developers of yours, IllFonic, may refer to your [...]

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Gotham City Impostors – Review

Enter the world of the insane citizens of Gotham City. While Batman and the Joker are off dueling for the fate of the city, the ordinary people have formed into gangs of impostors and taken to the streets to fight their own battles of good vs. evil. Deadly serious and frantic first person shooter action [...]

Gotham City Impostors – Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Have you ever thought to yourself: "Yeah Call of Duty is good and all, I just wish it was more... zany." Well friends, someone, somewhere was listening. Just under the Batman veneer Gotham City Impostors is 'Call of Duty'. Equipment, customizable weapons, perks, all present and accounted for. Don't take this the wrong way we [...]

HALO: REACH Beta Impressions

Since the end of development on Halo 3: ODST (July 2009), Bungie Software has been building up a new Halo game that looks to rule them all. Gathering developers from FASA Interactive who worked on Shadowrun and originating Bungie employees, a new kind of gameplay has arrived creating a new face to the Halo franchise. [...]

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