Street Fighter X Tekken – Review

Street Fighter X Tekken has been building hype and momentum for over a year and is finally out and ready for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners!  Probably one of Capcom's most ambitious titles in the fighting game franchise - STxTK has seen hype in the form of comedic videos and panels from the game [...]

Skullgirls Interview GDC 2012

Hailey Bright of COIN-OP TV interviews Peter Bartholow the community manager for Skullgirls a brand new 2D fighting game coming out for the Xbox 360 Arcade and PlayStation 3 Network. This interview was conducted during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) March 2012 leading up to the game's final release with info on the story and [...]

Have Fatality, Will Travel – Mortal Kombat Arrives on PlayStation Vita

After seeing both popular and critical success recently on the major home consoles, Mortal Kombat is punching its way on to the PlayStation Vita.  Set to be released on February 28th, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios are bringing the MK franchise to Sony's newest portable handheld.  As you can see in the trailer [...]

New Skullgirls Trailer Sneaks a Peek at Story Mode

The simple things in life are often times the best, and when you combine some of these elements you get a frantic 2D fighter along the lines of the upcoming Autumn Games release Skullgirls. Bringing together fierce fighting action and what the Barenaked Ladies would refer to as “boom anime babes,” Skullgirls draws upon our [...]

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Yoshinori Ono takes us to Street Fighter X Tekken school

When did fighting games become so academic?  Capcom's Yoshinori Ono gives an extensive tutorial on all of the new features in the upcoming game Street Fighter X Tekken.  The game continues to impress with its fast fighting mechanics and action however there's a handful of things that concern us.  Street Fighter X Tekken doesn't look [...]

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Capcom getting serious for Street Fighter X Tekken release

Capcom has shown a devotion for supporting their fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom by getting involved with events and helping support major fighting game tournaments like Evo2k.  Capcom's Matt Dahlgren and Haunts (from iplaywinner) announced today that a partnership deal was inked to bring a week-long tournament (and part reality show) [...]

Skullgirls S&M Friendly Project Painwheel Trailer

I’m all about the resurgence of fighting games these past few years, and the latest trailer for the upcoming 2D fighter Skullgirls gives me great hope that the best is still to come. This trailer spotlights the fighter Painwheel, an innocent enough girl named Carol who was implanted with parasites and infused with experimental blood [...]

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LG Cup Street Fighter IV Tournament brings out best in SoCal

LG Electronics and Capcom Entertainment hosted a Street Fighter IV tournament over the weekend in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater with participating sponsors iam8bit and TwitchTV.  The turn-out wasn't extraordinarily insane, this was probably due to the short term notification of the event - however what was important were two things; big brands like [...]

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Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL Review

The Cartoon Network has a cavalcade of unique and fun cartoon characters under their umbrella - making us wonder why there aren't more video games based on their properties.  Cartoon Networks Punch Time Explosion XL is a console brawler/fighting game heavily influenced by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Melee (and/or Brawl) for the Xbox 360, PlayStation [...]

Tekken Hybrid Review

HD collections make great stocking stuffers going into the 2011 holiday season and the Tekken Hybrid falls into place with the best of 'em.  Tekken Hybrid is three things in one - an HD revamp of the popular PlayStation 2 fighter Tekken Tag Tournament, a full length 3D CGI animated original film called Tekken: Blood [...]