Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Review

If you love Dragon Ball you'll likely have some fun with the game, but whether or not that fun is worth $60 is up to you. I would be waiting for a price drop on this one.

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PAX 2013 – Divekick Hands-On

There are now only two words in fighting games. They aren't Street Fighter. Nor are they Mortal Kombat. No, the only two words you need are Dive and Kick. Divekick distills the fighting game genre down to a base element: the diving kick. Simultaneously parody and nuanced skill based fighter. Iron Galaxy has crafted some [...]

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Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone is a weird game. I guess you could say this about a lot of Japanese games if you are looking from a Western perspective. This isn't to say the game is bad, quite the contrary, but the entire game as a whole is something I’m not sure you’d see from any Western [...]

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