Realms of Ancient War – Review & Gameplay

Realms of Ancient War (RAW) is out now for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will be available in Oct for Windows PC.  Realms of Ancient War is a top down fantasy hack-n-slasher from Focus Home Interactive. The timing to release Realms of Ancient War was perfect!  By now, most people who picked up [...]

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Torchlight 2 – Review

At E3 2009, when I stumbled upon the Runic Games’ action-RPG, Torchlight, I knew I was playing something special. Now, three years and millions of copies sold later, Runic Games delivers the sequel both critics and fans alike have been frothing for. Torchlight II is upon us and during a year full of anticipated sequels, [...]

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DIABLO 3 LAUNCH Best Class, Auction & Keybinding

Robert Welkner at the DIABLO III launch in Irvine, California 2012 - interviews with some of the top Blizzard team members including Wyatt Cheng (Senior Tech) & Jason Bender (Senior Designer). Find out which classes are best for you, all about the auction system goodies and keybinding!

Dragon’s Dogma demo requires a demo

We've been on the Dragon's Dogma hype train since early last year so it was especially appealing to get our hands on the demo which Capcom released on the Xbox 360 this week.  The demo doesn't offer too much - in fact, it felt as though the download time to actually get the demo extended longer [...]

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Trailer of the Day – Dragon’s Dogma Gameplay

We had a chance to check out Dragon's Dogma at Comic-Con International in 2011 and were intrigued but not blown away.  Buzz on the game says that much has improved since last year and this gameplay trailer does have us intrigued indeed!  Dragon's Dogma will have a playable demo available in the U.S. on April [...]

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The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 Will Seduce You

A critical success on the PC - including being awarded multiple 'Game of the Year Awards' - The Witcher 2 will now be released as an Enhanced Edition on the Xbox 360.  Set to be released on April 17th, The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition will have the "regular" Enhanced Edition and a [...]

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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Review & Gameplay

Being the head of a game development company working on a brand new intellectual property must really be a pleasure.  For starters, you can look at what came before and borrow ideas from other games or you can look at what things failed in the past and learn from past mistakes.  We're proud to say [...]

The Witcher 2 expands to the Xbox in April

Prince Stennis, The Order of the Flaming Rose and Loc Muinne are all things that Xbox 360 owners will soon understand when The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings debuts on Microsoft's console in 2012.  The Witcher 2 grew a strong and loyal fan-base when it was released last year on the PC - garnering much [...]

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Skyrim Combat Mechanics Further Explored

Listen up folks - The Elder Scrolls series from Bethesda has been a fantastic one over the years.  Each game has pushed gameplay and RPG elements one step further with each release.  Arena put us up-close and personal with an axe in our hand, Morrowind populated the world with interesting NPC and Oblivion just opened [...]

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