Changing the Face of Facebook Games

The Massively Multiplayer Online space is constantly evolving. Moving from text-based adventures to graphical powerhouses, from all subscription services to mostly free-to-play, the MMO market branches out and improves as fast as the people who play it. With the sociability of people being the MMO’s greatest driving force and the immensity of Facebook, it is [...]

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Hidden Chronicles Review

People love hidden objects games.  From kids pouring over Where’s Waldo to adults dumping quarters into those touchscreen games in a bar, there is something oddly satisfying to being able to locate objects “hidden” in a picture for you to find.   The ego boost is remarkable.  Zynga wants to monopolize on these desires and (of [...]

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Hailey Bright guest on Facebook TV News

Hailey Bright, host of COIN-OP TV, was a guest on a special Emmy episode of Facebook TV News with XiXi Yang. Host XiXi covered Hailey's career as a video game journalist, model and what to expect from her upcoming show 'Supremium'. The host also grilled her about working around celebrities and found out some of [...]

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