Power Rangers Zeo DVD Review

Power Rangers Zeo takes place right after the conclusion of Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers which itself was a continuation of the original series. Everything you'd expect from a sentai series is here, from the over-the-top cheesy acting to the just as huge fights.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXV DVD – Review

After MST3K the movie, which I attended gleefully with a group of friends, the show was dropped from Comedy Central’s lineup. At some point it moved on to the (properly named) Sci-Fi Channel, but by then, I’d moved on to other things. It had been a great run, one I remember fondly to this day, [...]

Get A Life Complete DVD Collection from Shout! Factory

Like most good TV shows - GET A LIFE from Chris Elliott and David Mirkin was short lived and dubbed a 'cult classic' after its short run on Fox TV in the early 1990s.  Prior to Get A Life - actor comedian Chris Elliott made a name for himself as reoccurring characters on Late Night with David [...]

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COIN-OP TV Celebrates 7 Years with release of DVD Volume 4

COIN-OP TV launched in August 2004 as the premiere independent Internet TV show about arcade world record holders and retro gaming enthusiasts.  The show has grown over the years and now features interviews with celebrities, video game developers and event coverage. COIN-OP TV DVD Volume 4 features the best 24 episodes from the last three [...]

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ReBoot Seasons 1 & 2 finally on DVD!

REBOOT Seasons 1 & 2 have finally arrived on DVD from Shout! Factory.  ReBoot was the first CGI Animated Cartoon TV Series from Mainframe Entertainment (now  Rainmaker Animation) that aired from 1994 to 2002.  Robert Welkner of COIN-OP TV takes a look at the ReBoot series and reviews the DVD collection. (Robert Welkner’s shirt – [...]

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