Dishonored 2 Review – Even More Options As Corvo or Emily

As a gamer you can decide on if you'll take the 'fight first ask questions' later approach or 'avoid conflict and sneak around' method - each giving you a different challenge to the way the game plays out.

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Thief First Impressions E3 Expo

Thief is an upcoming stealth action game from Square Enix coming out for the next generations of consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  At the E3 Expo we checked out a hands-off demo of Thief running live gameplay with developer commentary.  The game has great visuals and atmosphere - definitely a step up from most [...]

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Best Games of 2012 from the COIN-OP TV Team

2012 was a dynamic year for the video game player -- we saw many groundbreaking titles released, many hyped games delayed into 2013 and most recently the release of a new console in the Nintendo Wii U.  Being a gamer has never been more satisfying with so many options on the console systems, windows/mac and [...]

Dishonored – Review

Dishonored is a Victorian/Steampunk immersive experience (or game if you will) that takes players to a strange and mysterious land and drops them inside the body of Corvo Attano.  As Corvo you are betrayed, imprisoned, manipulated and turned into an expert stealth assassin with the ability to wield creative weapons and magical items. Arkane Studios, Bethesda & [...]

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Revenge solves everything in Dishonored

Citizens burned to death on the streets, killer electronic barriers, terrifyingly corrupt ruling class... How can main character Corvo hope to survive the Bethesda/Arkane crafted dystopia that is Dishonored? Probably with all those super natural abilities and that stealthy rooftop action.