Disney’s Frozen Movie Review

We enjoyed Frozen -- tons of fun and stunning visuals! Kristen Bell did an outstanding job dramatically as Anna but it was Olaf (played by Josh Gad) the snowman who stole the show for comedy relief. Frozen in 3D works well because snow and ice just automatically lends itself to this effect. The movie was heavy on songs and sometimes felt a bit more 'theatrical' then it needed to be -- sort of like an animated opera.

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Phineas & Ferb Quest For Cool Stuff Hands-On First Impressions E3 Expo

Phineas & Ferb Quest For Cool Stuff was tucked away in a small private room at E3 Expo but could have easily been showcased somewhere in one of the main halls.  Quest For Cool is a sidescroller from the popular cartoon Phineas & Ferb developed by Majesco Entertainment. Phineas & Ferb Quest For Cool the [...]

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Pac-Man Cartoon

Four years ago at E3 Expo we had a chance to preview the Pac-Man cartoon in 3D being produced by Avi Arad. The cartoon, now called Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, may finally see the light of day later this year in Sept 2013 on the Disney XD channel. We have a trailer for the cartoon and there's talk that Namco Bandai may also be releasing a video game to coincide with the TV show.

Adventure Time, Regular Show & More Ben 10 in 2013

D3Publisher announced today that they would be producing new video games for popular cartoon licenses for Adventure Time, Regular Show and Ben 10.  D3Publisher has done a fine job with cartoon licenses in the past and we hope to see more of the same from their team. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T [...]