Destiny Alpha Impressions – Bungie’s MMO?

The game feels great, like a mix of Halo and Borderlands, but still has some kinks to be worked out (more loot, longer enemy respawn timers, shorter grenade re-use timers, co-op tweaks, and MORE LOOT).

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Halo CEA Celebrates 10 Years of Master Chief

Halo Combat Evolved is probably the single game that made the original Xbox from Microsoft a stable and popular gaming device.  Halo was one of the earliest console games to have fluid multiplayer function with both local and system-link.  Gamers of all ages spent hours and hours over the weekends challenging their friends to matches [...]

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HALO: REACH Beta Impressions

Since the end of development on Halo 3: ODST (July 2009), Bungie Software has been building up a new Halo game that looks to rule them all. Gathering developers from FASA Interactive who worked on Shadowrun and originating Bungie employees, a new kind of gameplay has arrived creating a new face to the Halo franchise. [...]

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