The LEGO Movie Review

The LEGO Movie centers around Emmit (Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy), a generic LEGO construction worker minifigure trying to find meaning in his life.

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Power Rangers Art Show at Toy Art Gallery

We had a chance to check out the Power Rangers 2 day art show titled '20 Rangers for 20 Years' over the weekend at the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles.  Each artist was given a plastic statue/toy - same you can buy in any common toy shop - and the artists changed and modified [...]

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Disney’s Frozen Movie Review

We enjoyed Frozen -- tons of fun and stunning visuals! Kristen Bell did an outstanding job dramatically as Anna but it was Olaf (played by Josh Gad) the snowman who stole the show for comedy relief. Frozen in 3D works well because snow and ice just automatically lends itself to this effect. The movie was heavy on songs and sometimes felt a bit more 'theatrical' then it needed to be -- sort of like an animated opera.

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