NBA 2K13 – Review

We praised last year's release of NBA 2K12 and will sing praises yet again for this year's NBA 2K13 but the game is still not without its faults.  Last year's game was released during the NBA lockout when both fans and players were unsure of what would become of the basketball season.  Because of this [...]

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More NBA 2K12 Gameplay with Wilt Chamberlain

The NBA is back in full swing after an extended break due to the lockout - what better way to celebrate then by dusting off NBA 2K12 for some 'greatest' gameplay.  This time around we're featuring the 71-72 Los Angeles Lakers up against the New York Knicks featuring Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West in their [...]

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NBA 2K12 video game is mostly ‘Greatest’

NBA 2K12 dropped a couple of weeks ago during a VERY crowded week of video game releases.  Another looming factor in the mix was the current state of the NBA and if the season would commence or not.  As it stands now - the NBA lockout is currently happening and the first two weeks of [...]

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