Marvel Vs Capcom Origins – Review & Gameplay

Marvel Vs Capcom Origins (Capcom) is available now - a throwback to the classic days of the golden age of fighting games -- or are we in the golden age right now?  Either way - you'll want to visit or revisit this collection if you love fighting games and/or these characters. Marvel Vs Capcom Origins [...]

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The Splatters – Review

I know many gamers don’t get The Splatters until after their third Doritos Locos Taco, but thankfully the new XBLA downloadable title of the same name is much more fun… and much less messy. Developed by SpikySnail Games, The Splatters is a new action puzzle title that lets players fling the aptly named amiable blobs [...]

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Warp – Review

The first game from Xbox Live’s 2012 House Party collection arrived with a flash and took gamers for a ride they weren’t expecting. Developed by Trapdoor and published by EA Partners, Warp is a fun little indie action puzzler in the spirit of Valve’s legendary Portal series albeit with an infinitely smaller budget and less [...]

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New Indie Action Puzzler Warp Promises To Capture Your Imagination

Not since Valve’s original Portal game have I been as excited to play an indie puzzler like WARP from Trapdoor and EA. You play as Zero, a tortured little alien with the power to warp at will, who has to escape imprisonment using either stealth or violence. Want to be sneaky and warp past scientists [...]

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Old School Video Game Art Show at Gallery 1988

COIN-OP TV interviews artists at the 'Old School Video Game Show' opening night at Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA. Interviews with the gallery owner Jensen Karp and artists Joey Spiotto, Misha, N.C. Winters, and Ellen Schinderman. Find out what retro video games inspired their art piece and on their creative style. Gallery 1988 - http://nineteeneightyeight.com

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Data East classic arcade games on the Wii

Data East had a nice run of fun yet challenging arcade games in the 1980s that were all meant to take your money - one quarter at a time.  Majesco released the Data East Arcade Classics for the Nintendo Wii with 15 classic arcade titles including:  BurgerTime, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Brunin' Rubber, Caveman [...]

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Microsoft reveals GAME ROOM at CES

As part of Microsoft's big CES 2010 announcements they showed a trailer for GAME ROOM for the Xbox 360 and PC.  Trick out your arcade with awesome virtual renditions of classic arcade cabinets, complete with sound effects and graphics on the screens.  For those not old enough to remember the sights and sounds of walking [...]

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SC3 Arcade/Retro Party Fun – Sept 2009!

Those lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area have a chance to attend the SC3 parties which come around twice a year.  Just imagine everything you love about your favorite backyard party with friends, toss in 20 year old classic arcade machines and surround yourself with retro consoles all over the place.  SC3 [...]

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