Skylanders Cloud Patrol – Free iOS Promotion

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a clever and fun iOS game which 'extends' the Skylanders universe.  The premise of the game is rather simple - tap or swipe away to destroy those pesky trolls (as seen in the Skylanders console game).  If you own any Skylanders figures you can punch in the code to unlock and [...]

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Mass Effect 3 Interviews Casey Hudson & Mac Walters

Robert Welkner of COIN-OP TV interviews BioWare developers at the Mass Effect 3 West LA Gamestop midnight launch event. Find out directly from the development team Casey Hudson and Mac Walters what goes on into making the game and how they implemented social media and apps into Mass Effect 3. Also - special shout out [...]

Top Five iPhone Game Apps

For years I was hung up on my Blackberry as the primary smart phone but with the release of the iPhone 4S I've jumped ship and therefore had to explore fun games and apps on the iOS.  Ranging from casual games to poker games to an epic RPG, these game apps all take advantage of [...]

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