Rumors of a Supergirl figure joining the LEGO Dimensions universe were all over the Internet months ago but now TT Games and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have confirmed it to be truth.

Supergirl was revealed during Gamescom as a new minifigure which will come packaged as part of a new Lego Dimensions Starter Pack (Sept 2016) exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4 as a bundle also including the originally released figures (Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle).

Supergirl has had some mainstream support from comic and TV fans since her show debuted and is in its second season.  Supergirl’s powers in LEGO Dimensions will consist of flying, super strength and more but what is most intriguing is the addition of costume change to support Supergirl as a Red Lantern.  Red Lantern Supergirl is a ‘deep cut’ from the comic book lore where she can use Red Lantern Energy Constructs as part of her abilities.  The big question we have now is if this will lead to The Green Lantern making an appearance in the LEGO Dimensions universe or not?

lego dimensions

The other big question answered during Gamescom 2016 was that Supergirl will be a limited timed exclusive to the PlayStation 4 Starter Pack bundle until 3/28/17 when she will presumably be available as a stand alone figure or part of a two-pack with Green Arrow who is currently only available as an event giveaway.  Thanks to Dan from Bricks To Life for his additional insight on the LEGO Dimensions Supergirl figure!