In a stunning personal attack on Star Wars fans Past to Present has decided to host nearly an hour of gameplay video from an alpha build of Star Wars Battlefront 3. The long anticipated Battlefront 3 was almost through quality assurance testing way back in twenty ought eight. Then due to changes in management (damn bureaucrats) at LucasArts an almost finished, and hotly desired, game was simply tossed aside like an IUD on prom night. For some reason just like a crazy ex, or herpes, Battlefront just wouldn’t go away; coming up over and over again in the years since it was cancelled. New screens here a few details there… how can we finish the grieving process with these constant reminders of our lost love? And now the most recent Star Wars Battlefront 3 flare up strikes in the form of an hour long video of the game that will never be.

The gameplay seems unchanged from Battlefront 2 with some frickin’ huge maps. It’s an exciting thing to see. Exciting in the most heart breaking way. So thanks again Past to Present for not only removing the bandage but rubbing a salt/lemon juice paste in the wound.