Some things come so out of left field they may as well be in another stadium. Splatoon brought the surprise in spades and boy did it play its cards right. Nintendo isn’t know for their online play or shooters, yet somehow this battlefield of ink and squids was fantastic.

As the controlled chaos raged, every single action felt satisfying. Splattering your opponents is just as important as shooting in random directions thanks to the unique scoring system. While kills still get you some precious points, this game is all about covering the most area with your team’s ink as possible. Destroying an enemy causes them to burst into your color, but every second you aren’t shooting is a second you”re not building up toward a super weapon. Only a bazooka was shown in the demo, but the maelstroms of ink it spewed forth was beautiful. Speaking of the awe-inspiring, the oily art style looks wet and sticky. Everything about Splatoon is exciting and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Splatoon Gameplay E3 Expo 2014