Party games flooded the Nintendo Wii library like a tidal wave of content. The Wii U on the other hand is facing a drought for these games. While some great attempts have been made for the kooky and strange, none quite get to the level of Spin The Bottle Bumpie’s Party. For a video game it almost never uses the TV screen. Everything takes place with the Wii U Gamepad and Wii-motes. Players take turns spinning a bottle to determine who they play against, which then pits the two or four in a random mini game. First player to win three mini-games wins. It sounds simple enough if the games weren’t truly bizarre.

Every game in StB is physical, so controls are pretty simple across the 17 mini games available to play. Since traditional gameplay is practically thrown out the window, the games have the ability to throw some unique curve balls. Games like Pick Flowers and Waltz really squeeze players together while Rabbit Hunt and Blond Dog separate them. There even seem to be an algorithm that makes everyone play with each other, so even newcomers will be thrust into the foray. Speaking of which, watching someone discover the ways to interact with the game is an experience in itself.

StB is a weird little gem that you have to be cautiously optimistic about. Some of the games aren’t as good as the others, and the same amount can make it seem trivial. Nevertheless it’s a great game for parties and one you can show your non-gamer friends without scaring them away with complicated controls or contrived backstory. This is a game that almost anyone can play and is odd enough to keep them interested for quite a while.

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99