Unique map creation is central to Zombie Studios’ Atari published multiplayer only Special Forces Team X. At the start of each game players are presented with three voting options, each corresponding to a section of the upcoming map. Every map section matches up with every other map section giving players a ton of variation to experiment with. If the players so choose, three identical sections can be stacked side by side to create the (very disorienting) map for that game; or two of the same sandwiching a different piece of the puzzle. Or any one of many possible combinations. This creation system parallels the rest of the game which is a mash-up of popular shooter features. Gears of War third person cover based action, load-out customization with perks a la Call of Duty, Borderlands-esque cell shading, and some cosmetic customization options make up this quirky Xbox Live Arcade title.

Team isn’t just a word in the title. The player is actually rewarded for acting with their team. Proximity to teammates causes a multiplier meter to fill offering increased points which speed level progression and the unlocking of those sweet sweet customization options. Slick and stylized Special Forces Team X not only delivers with solid shooter mechanics but some solid comedy. Scattered throughout the maps are weapon pick-ups, with equal emphasis placed on the strategic advantage of the mini-gun and the hilariousness of the chainsaw. The aesthetic of the game combined with some over the top blood splatter make head shots seem less like violent killing and more like Gallagher’s humorous fruit crushing. Using attack dogs is not only effective but pretty entertaining.

Riding a line between serious shooter and slapstick comedy Special Forces Team X  amalgamates well-know shooter attributes to forge an identity of its own and create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Special Force Team X Trailer